PHP 8 is available now on all our plans!!

PHP 8 is here! It was released on November 26, 2020. You can download it here. It's a new major version, which means that it will introduce some breaking changes, as well as lots of new features and performance improvements.   Because of the breaking changes, there's a higher chance you'll need to make some changes in your code to get it ... Read More »

11th Mar 2021
Intel’s unexpected page faults in virtualized environments

Intel released a statement regarding issues with certain CPUs when running in virtualized environments. When encountered, these issues manifest with unexpected page faults   This issue could include unpredictable system behavior, such as a virtual machine shutdown due to page faults. Additionally, a stale value may be used by hardware later. If ... Read More »

10th Dec 2019
Unlimited plan for three years

Get unlimited 3 years plan for $3.60 per month and save up to 35%. 

This plan includes a free three-year domain name, cpanel, free ssl.


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14th Sept 2019
Two WordPress plans have been added

We have added two WordPress plans,  a 100 GB Wordpress plan and an Unlimited Wordpress plan.

You can read the details of the plans here: WordPress Hosting

2nd Sept 2019
New hosting plans are now available!

Check out the new plans available on Danske Cloud.

4th Aug 2019