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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cloud Hosting [Questions 4]

What happens if I consume all the resources such as Disk Space or Bandwith?

If you use up all the storage space, you will be unable to upload more files or add more posts if you have a blog as an example. You will be forced to free up space by deleting some files or by upgrading your plan.
In case of bandwidth consumption, you will be unable to upload or download files or browse the website. You will have to wait for the beginning of next month, or upgrade to a higher plan.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time, just contact support and the price difference will be calculated and the plan upgraded directly.

What is Customized Plan?

It is a plan that lets you customize and choose your plan resources.

How can I buy Customized Plan?

You can buy the plan by contacting support and determining what the specifications of the plan are required, and the price will be calculated for you according to your choice.
Or by buying the closest plan for the required specifications after that contact support and the plan will be adjusted as required and calculate the price difference for you.

Domain Name [Questions 4]

How csn I contact Danske Cloud hosting with my domain from other provider?

You can use the following nameservers:

The domain name is free in the second year.
It's always free as long as you have a hosting with us.

What is the domain name transfer price?

It's free if you buy a hosting.

Will I get an extra year if I transfer my domain name?

Yes, a year will be added.
For example: If you have two months you will get an extra year, and the total will be 14 months.

Can I buy a domain name without hosting?

Sure. :)

Payment [Questions 4]

What payment methods are currently available?

PayPal, Master Card and Visa Card.

Can I send a bank transfers?

Unfortunately, it's not currently available.

How do I calculate prices in local currency?

All prices on the website are available in dollar.
You can calculate prices in your local currency using the following website:

What is VAT?

The Value Added Tax, or VAT, in the European Union is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services.
Read more about VAT here What is VAT ?

More [Questions 1]

Is backup available on all palns?

Weekly backup is available on 50 GB plan and Unlimited plan.
Chack all palns here: All Plans