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Danske Cloud Is Here

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Who are we?

Danske Cloud is a cloud services company that provides hosting services, domain names, and web development.
We offer integrated solutions for website building from scratch, and all the services attached, such as design, programming and e-marketing.
Everything you need will be found in one place at Dansk Cloud.

Mission & Strategy

Mission: Give everyone the opportunity to have an online presence, regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional, want to have a personal blog or run an online store. We offer you the perfect plan that fits perfectly with your request.
Strategy: You don't have to pay for unlimited plans, just pay for what you use. Many companies force the user to pay for an unlimited plan, and ultimately only 1% of the resources available in the plan are used. So we've provided several plans that suit all types of users, as well as a custom plan that allows the user to choose the resources they need.


Our Team

If you have any queries about our services, plans or need to discuss any idea. Please feel free to send your inquiry to our team, we will always be ready and happy to help you.
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